Grupa Narzedziowa Solid is an expert in designing and construction of injection moulds for thermoplastics and elastomers. In addition we manufacture dedicated installation tooling. On request we can recondition or repair your moulds.

Our construction office designs the moulds using the parts provided or a design of the same. We can also fabricate injection moulds according to the documentation furnished by the customer.

With our machinery we are able to build injection moulds with the maximum dimensions of 1,000 x 800 mm and a weight up to 3,000 kg.

Since we are aware of the costs related to the plastic injection process we use modern materials and solutions which enable to shorten the cycle time. We construct both cold- and hot-runner, single- or multi-cavity moulds, with a single or multi-point injection system. We build our moulds based on standardized parts made by reputable manufacturers.

We have our own plastic injection plant where we can test the moulds with the closing force up to 400 t and a maximum mould size of 700 x 700 mm. We can provide the injection process settings after the test if so requested by the customer.

We test the tooling using eccentric press with the pressure range from 20 to 100 t.

Our qualified personnel and modern machinery are a guarantee of high quality and short order lead time.


We are looking forward to doing business with you.